Nerd Dreams: Best Ideas for a Silicon Valley Vacation

An excursion to Silicon Valley can be a blessing from heaven for Geeks everything being equal. While a voyage to the origin of innovation may not be on a remarkable same level as a religious journey to Jerusalem or Mecca, it is a noteworthy occasion that a Geek will always remember.

An ocean commander might need to travel and see the majority of the notable beacons along the Eastern Seaboard. Children would believe a trek to Disneyland to be a fantasy get-away and other individuals would be excited to go through seven days on a tropical island in the Caribbean. While Geeks may jump at the chance to go to carnivals and spread out on the shoreline like their less educated companions, what they truly would love the best is an excursion to Silicon Valley.

Not the majority of the present creative innovation happens in California’s Silicon Valley, however it is the home of innovation goliaths like Apple, Google and Hewlett-Packard. Silicon Valley is loaded up with financial speculators hoping to finance the following Google or Facebook. Silicon Valley will dependably be the core of the business.

On the off chance that you need to get a direct take a gander at the most punctual phases of the advanced age on through the most recent improvements in our computerized world, there is no better spot to get away than the Silicon Valley. So gather your sacks and turn out to see where innovation started, where it is today, and where innovation may go later on.

PC History Museum

Maintaining the privileged title of Geek makes it practically compulsory that piece of your voyage through Silicon Valley incorporates a visit to the Computer History Museum. Home to the biggest gathering of PC related curios on the planet, it is very astonishing to travel through time and perceive how far innovation has originated from the good ‘ol days. Despite the fact that you might not have been brought into the world in 1956, you will value the commitment that IBM made to information stockpiling innovation by supplanting the punched cards with the principal circle drives.

Your time in the historical center will resemble going for a stroll through time. As you advance from show to display, you should see the well ordered advances in innovation in what is a moderately brief timeframe. From the primary microchip to the presentation of Atari’s Pong game you will push ahead so as to see the presentation of the Apple PC and the IBM PC.

Pushing ahead, your visit will highlight the fresh out of the box new Internet and let you perceive how PCs have constantly switched to stay aware of the occasions. Investigate everything and when you are done, stop by the blessing shop and get a trinket for yourself and perhaps a present for one of your nerdy companions.

HP Garage

Near the Palo Alto grounds of Stanford University, in a little, calm neighborhood, stands a structure of incredible recorded noteworthiness. In 1938, Stanford schoolmates, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard leased the 12×18-foot humble space and began a business. The disengaged carport filled in as an exploration lab, workshop and assembling office for a portion of the first Hewlett-Packard items.

In 1989, the carport was formally devoted as the Birthplace of Silicon Valley. In 2007 it was recorded in the National Register of Historic Places. HP acquired and reestablished the Garage and contiguous home to its unique 1938 appearance. Nerds and plain old interest searchers are free to get a perspective on this noteworthy site from the walkway yet are not allowed on the private property. You are free to stopped by and snap a couple of pictures, however please regard the protection of the neighbors.

Unique Apple Store

Take out your cell phone and utilize your GPS to locate the most brief course to Apple’s corporate base camp in Cupertino. The organization store is available to people in general, however isn’t care for the neighborhood Apple store you may have visited in the place where you grew up. They don’t sell iPhones or PCs at this store, yet it is the main spot you can purchase a valid Apple logo shirt, top or different extras.

Google Garage

Carports must hold an uncommon spot in the hearts of every one of those individuals who try to turn into the following well known Geek in Silicon Valley. Today there are presumably many well informed teenagers working in their carports to concoct the following extraordinary item that will change the scene in the Silicon Valley. On the off chance that you were keen on the HP Garage, you will likewise be keen on observing the Google Garage. It was 1998 when Stanford graduate understudies Larry Page and Sergey Brin thought of the world’s most mainstream web search tool and housed their new company in the home of Susan Wojcicki’s Menlo Park carport. In the event that you are a Geek, come and ogle at the first organization home of the Internet’s most powerful organization.

Weirdstuff Warehouse

On the off chance that you need anything PC or tech-related you will most likely discover it in this 10,000 square foot store. You can discover nearly anything from links, printers and programming to imaginative mouse cushions and old parts for your vintage PC.

Google’s Android Statues

Standing gladly outside of Building 44 at Google’s corporate central station is an accumulation of famous figures. Every plastic Android statue has a code name dependent on another form of the well known versatile working framework. Come see the most up to date Android – KitKat, who joins Cupcake, Gingerbread Man and the others.

Intel Museum

In spite of the fact that this is a little gallery, it contains the total story of Intel and its history of making the cerebrum of the PC. Plan on putting in a few hours and bring the children along on the grounds that they will love the numerous intuitive displays. This is a fun and instructive experience that ought not be missed and confirmation is free!

Yearly Shareholder Meeting

On the off chance that you have a 401-K plan or put resources into the securities exchange, you likely claim a portion of these cutting edge organizations. In the event that you possess a portion of Apple, Google or Facebook, and are around the local area at the ideal time, you can go to the yearly investor meeting. What a treat it would be for any Geek to see Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) or Tim Cook (Apple) and perhaps ask them an inquiry.

Silicon Valley is extraordinary for Geeks all things considered. While it is a genuine spot with genuine persevering individuals, you will feel like you are in a charmed land. Visit the tech locales, stop by Stanford University, eat at an awesome eatery and set aside a little effort to give the gloriousness of this region a chance to take your inhale away.

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